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Recorded Webinars

Following are records of live Webinars covering a variety of subjects. To watch any one of the Webinars, click the Link and complete the registration form and you'll be provided access to the recorded Webinar.

  1. 14May2020 FP How to Talk to Clients and Compliance About Home Equity  (Hopkins mp4 download)
  2. 15Apr2020  FP Pfau Week 1- Reverse Mortgage Loans: The Basics, The Research, & Multitude of Financial Planning Uses
  3. 21Apr2020 FP Pfau Week 2-  How a Reverse Mortgage Works and the Dangers of a Mortgage Payment in Retirement
  4. 28Apr2020 FP Pfau Week 3- Vaccination Of Your Retirement Account From Sequence Of Returns Risk And The Miracle LOC
  5. 05May2020 FP Pfau Week 4- Tax Implications and Net Worth Advantages of Doing Reverse Mortgages Early in Retirement
  6. 05Aug2020 LO Wisdom on Wednesday WEBINARS  Fairway Employees 30 mins
  7. 12Aug2020 Rltr Wisdom on Wednesday WEBINARS  Realtors 60 mins
  8. 19Aug2020 FP Wisdom on Wednesday WEBINARS  Financial Planners 60 mins
  9. 26Aug2020 Cnsmr Wisdom on Wednesday WEBINARS  Consumers 30 mins